by Gentle Bender

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written july 2015 in zihuatanejo, GUE


released February 14, 2016

bass, vox: elena
drums, synth, vox: carls
recorded by gentle bender at: selma oxors basement, mexico DF
all songs by: gentle bender


all rights reserved



Gentle Bender Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Waves Don't Wash Me Away
oh travel plans
they don't work out man
it's not like you dreamed
yeah you know what i mean
can't stand my friend
think this is the end
of a phony phase
gotta ride out these days
didn't know you would be
such a burden to me
let the tide come in into the bay
but oh waves, don't wash me away
drinkin vickies at the fishin hole
whoa waves, don't wash me away
drink a cold chela
hear some songs about jah
sleepy beach town
no rockers around
the incessant heat
might put me to sleep
sleeping dog on the sand
man aint life grand
when there is no escape
not feelin so great
snackin on tiritas
drive to saladita
sand fleas may be biting
but i'm watching the lightning
oh waves, don't wash me away
i'm so ready to go
your tude's muy chingon
plus i'm outta cash
spend my pesos so fast
watch a street dog brawl
walk into a wall
so sick of this sweat
feel like i lost some bet
there's trouble in paradise
and everything's lies
oh waves, don't wash me away
Track Name: Chingo De Sol
the sun is blaring and i just wanna sleep
like i'm drowning in sweat and i'm in so deep
gonna slide off my chair and fall straight to the devil
never feel comfortable my hair is disheveled
but i got a sweet tan yeah i'm brown as hell
never mind my pitstains or how rad i smell
it's un chingo de sol
i do so much bitchin that i'm boring myself
i got out of the kitchen but that didn't help
i hate all my clothes when they're touchin my skin
keep dreaming about satan and the hell within
my blood is boiling and my brains are too
can't even get excited when i think about you
it's un chingo de sol
Track Name: So Hot 4 U
i don't mean to whine
i do it all the time
but i'm just so hot 4 u
i wanna make you mine
i want you all the time
cause i'm just so hot 4 u
when we get together
i'm gonna see it through
gonna get so crazy
when i'm doin it with you
ahh it's been a while
and you're just my style
and i'm just so hot for you
so crazy hot 4 u
when i see you again
we'll be more than friends
cause i'm just so hot 4 u
yeah i'm just so hot 4 u
feelin super tropical
so hot 4 your love
and when i have you baby
you'll never get enough
Track Name: Pelican Flip
if you wanna sit in the sun and trip
do it on the beach that's the pelican flip
spread your wings and crest the wave
stick your head under it's all the rage
if you turn it up til your head is clippin
now you get it this is pelican flippin
before you crack like a leather whip
just put it all into the pelican flip
if tomorrow sounds like hella gain
just flip it instead like a pelican
Track Name: Chikungunya
bit by a skeeter
now i got the fever
hit me like a truck
and now my knees are fucked
three weeks in bed
wishin i was dead
now they're all sayin
it affects the brain
got bit by skeeters
and now i got a fever
it's worse than dengue
it's neverending

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